HIREconf San Francisco

By Jeremy Roberts (other events)

Thursday, September 7 2017 8:00 AM 5:00 PM


Who should attend? Sourcers, Recruiters, Recruiting Leaders


The State of Sourcing and Recruiting - Jonathan Campbell; Social Talent 

  • Aritificial Intelligence and Automation are changing recruiting. In this session, Johnny Campbell will share insights about the current state of talent acquisition and what recruiters need to do to stay relevant as the machine learning and artificial intelligence disruption continues. He will also be sharing new data gathered from Social Talent's annual State of Recruiting survey.

Working With Hiring Managers Who Don't Want to Work With You - Katrina Kibben;  Randstad

  • Panelists: Amanda Bell; Lever, Alison McKay; Facebook; Marcus Duarte, Lending Tree; Mark Fuell - Ernst & Young

Sparkle and Shine: Simple Tweaks to Deliver a Stellar Candidate Experience - Stacy Zapar; Founder, Tenfold & The Talent Agency

  • Candidates are customers and customers are candidates. Are we treating them the way that they are accustomed to being treated as consumers in today’s world? In this session, Stacy Zapar will share the importance of candidate experience (as well as the downsides of a bad one) along with actionable, practical tips to create a stellar candidate experience through every phase of the recruiting lifecycle, from preapply all the way to onboarding. Learn how to create happy candidates, boost your employer brand, measure for success and drive more applicants and interest in working for your company.


How to build a Strategic Sourcing Team - Heather Thomas; Sodexo 

  • Heather will cover how to build an Internal Strategic Sourcing Team that solves the repeated frustrations in Talent Acquisition and how to “source” for hard-to-fill/critical job openings. Topics will include: 
    • How to develop a "Talent Centric Focus"
    • How to customize alignment to YOUR Talent Acquisition structure (Those teams that Buy-in)
    • Investment (CRM & Small Team)
    • How/When to expect ROI
    • Metrics for Sourcers performance


  • Corporate talent acquisition leaders in attendance will spend the afternoon in a closed door (No vendors allowed) session. Lars Schmidt, of the HR Open Source Project, will facilitate a discussion designed to help leaders solve each others problems through open discussion about common issues. Attendees must have a leadership role in a corporate acquisition department. Attendance will be capped at 40 to ensure a productive discussion.


  • The Evolution of Internet Search - Irina Shamaeva; Braingain Recruiting 
    • Irina will break down the fundamentals she thinks you need to know to search within any data in any databases and on the open web. During this presentation, she'll discuss the evolution of search and what talent acquisition professionals will need to know to ensure they see every potential candidate in every data source they have access to.

  • Managing the Chaos With Sound Methodologies for Identification and Engagement - Mark Tortorici; Transform Talent Acquisition

    • Identification: How do you find the best candidates? How do you identify the best candidates?  Who says that Candidate A is better than Candidate B? Is it their education level?  The school they graduated from? While there is no clear-cut answer here (and do not believe anyone who says that they know the answer), there are methods and steps that you can use when it comes to identifying talent, technical or otherwise. In this session, Mark will demonstrate searches and tools that you can use to identify specific top-level candidates for your searches.  He'll talk about ways you can manipulate the words on a page in order to get a specific pool of candidates.  You may not be technical, you may not be an engineer, but you will be able to understand and follow the methodologies presented. 

  • Conjunction Junction: Combining Email Tools with Verifiers - David Nicola; ViaSat 

  • Recruitment videos that don't stink - Audra Knight; Tenable Network Security
    • Audra will discuss the strength & impact of video over text/pics, different types including live video, how to promote them, & creating them all on a budget.
  • Mobile Outreach Techniques: So you found them, now what? - Shally Steckerl; Fiserv 
    • You’re the world’s greatest sourcer but that means nothing when you can’t get them to respond. Combining these social media and mobile outreach tricks with some psychological “people hacks” will deliver you from InMail hell. Learn how to weave your cold calls, voicemails, and emails with new social media outreach strategies that increase your call-back ratio by at least 20%. Know how to prioritize various communication vehicles to get faster responses from prospects. Find the social footprint for many of your candidate prospects so you can expand the way in which you connect with them. Know what to include in your social media messages that will increase the likelihood of generating a positive response. Learn the values of having your own Facebook page and LinkedIn group and which types of activities are best for each of the social networks.
  • How to Showcase Your Employer Brand to Convert More Candidates - Angie Verros; Vaia Talent
    • In today's competitive job market, how candidates perceive your firm impacts who you attract & hire. Guess what? If your candidate experience rocks, you'll be able to attract top talent! Have you ever considered what it's like to be on the other side? How great would it be if we took their bad experiences and turned them around by using our instincts? Today you will learn how to use simple human elements in order to showcase your employer brand & convert more applicants to amazing hires.
  • Using Design Thinking to Audit Your Candidate Experience - Christian DePape - Recruiting Social 
    • Candidate experience poses a wicked problem. It’s complex, difficult to grasp, and tied to irrational thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. But it also poses a tremendous opportunity: employers who deliver an excellent candidate experience stand out in the marketplace, earn more referrals, recruit faster, and gain excited new employees. So how do you tackle this wicked problem/tremendous opportunity? You start with design thinking. This set of human-centered methods and tools will help you (1) visualize how candidates experience your recruiting process, and (2) uncover opportunities for improvement, innovation, and differentiation.
  • Todd Davis; The Candidate Generator The Only Facebook Sourcing Playbook You Need
    • Todd has mastered the art of recruiting on Facebook. He will share his Facebook sourcing playbook and update all of us on how to maneuver efficiently in one the largest database of potential candidates recruiters have access to.


Jackye Clayton and Matt Charney - Recruiting Daily The Convergence: Enterprise and Consumer Tech Trends for Talent Acquisition

Given an estimated $40 billion was invested last year in HR Technology in North America alone, recruiting is no longer a back office backwater, but instead, one of the darlings of both VC investors and enterprise technology companies alike.

From Facebook to Amazon, Adobe to Google (and yeah, that one company with the professional network), consumer tech companies are pouring big bucks into solving the big problems facing recruiting and hiring pros today - and tomorrow. Hiring may not be broken, but there sure are a ton of companies trying to fix it. The real problem is, sometimes separating the buzzworthy from the BS can be really hard, particularly if you're too busy filling reqs and keeping hiring managers happy to read TechCrunch or attend VC demo days.

Good news: at Recruiting Daily, that's our job. That's why this session will take a look at the major trends impacting recruiting technology, and what really matters for real recruiters. For reals. We'll break down the market moves and major trends that matter most to TA professionals, and what you need to know about technology and tools to ensure that your recruiting stack provides a competitive advantage and delivers ROI and results in real time, all the time, no matter where in the world of work you happen to work.

Because when it comes to the future of recruiting technology, it's easy to believe the hype. The one thing that hasn't changed in TA: there's always too many reqs, not enough resources. We know that your budget is limited, which is why we'll give you the tools you need to get the tools you need - and bang for your recruiting buck. And that's the bottom line.



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